Meet the founder of Edaptio, Andreas Piculell

Andreas Picullel was born and raised in a small Danish town where further education wasn’t the norm. Desperate to learn more, 18-year-old Andreas moved to Copenhagen to pursue a degree and later a Master in Computer Science at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Apart from participating in sports and reading sci-fi novels, Andreas dreamt of improving the frustrating education system he was raised with. He bridged together two passions, technology and innovation, to pursue his vision of changing how education is done.

In September 2017 what started off as a research project at DTU became a digital startup on a mission to create quality education opportunities for everyone. Andreas’ motivating factors include building things that add value and challenging conventional practices. He uses his strong skills in programming, understanding people, and creative problem-solving as the driving forces behind Edaptio.

The things he enjoys the most are the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur and collaborating with team members. Since founding Edaptio, Andreas has hired more than 10 people and created a youthful culture of honesty, balance, and impact.

Nowadays, he’s an entrepreneur, idea-creator, go-getter, web developer, and above all, a leader. Andreas hopes to continue to expand Edaptio and make learning at schools an engaging and unforgettable experience for both students and teachers.

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