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seamless into your organisation

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Edaptio makes sure to integrate with your current IT-infrastructure, such that all classes and data is aligned across your systems.
In addition, we natively integrate with services like Google, Dropbox and OneDrive, such that you have access to all yours files directly inside Edaptio.
We make sure everything is set up and working.

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Performance insights

Edaptio makes it easy for leaders and administrators to keep track of the progression and performance of the students.
Teachers and executives can both filter through raw data and see aggregated macro- and micro trends.

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Digital safety

Edaptio takes care of the security for you.
All communication is encrypted, and we keep backups in multiple locations.
Most important is the fact that we are 100% GDPR compliant.
Ensuring the safety of your personal data is our number one priority.

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Knowledge sharing

Edaptio serves as a central knowledge base for your entire institution.
Edaptio makes it easy for teachers and administrators to copy and share content on all levels.
You even get your very own content vault for easy sharing and discoverability inside- and across institutions.

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Get your colours and logo on Edaptio and create a seamless experience between all of your systems and tools.

At no additional charge. We help with the setup and all graphical elements.

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Dedicated customer success

We are dedicated to giving you and your organisation the best experience when starting out with Edaptio.
We therefore commit a lot of ressources to give you the best start to your online adventure. This includes 1-on-1 calls with experienced executives on the company and multiple workshops for your employees to ensure everybody is on board.

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Support whenever you need it

At Edaptio, we help solve your problems when you need it. Our support has long opening hours, to accommodate the preparation time of the teachers. Need help getting started? No problem, we are here. Free of charge.
We aways greet you with a smile!

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