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The free version includes all teaching tools on the platform. The upgraded version includes support for the entire institution and administrative tools.

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For teachers
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Unlimted classes, courses and lessons
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Lots of learning elements (collaborative canvas, flashcards, questionnaires, timelines and many more)
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Up to 50 students per class
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Share material with your colleagues
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Powerful quiz tool (10+ questions types)
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Grade assignments directly in the browser
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Everything from the free version
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Unlimited file upload
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Easily share materials across the entire institution
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Advanced administrative tools
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Adaptive learning capatibilities
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Custom integration with your other learning systems
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Dedicated customer success (1-on-1, workshops)
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White-label your solution
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Support priority
From $1500/year

How does it work?

Bookzy is a tool for students to create interactive, collaborative e-books and publish them among peers, to facilitate peer teaching, construct a course library and stimulate creativity.

Unite the class

Engage your students and match their way of constructing and obtaining knowledge with Bookzy

Peers teaching

To teach is to learn twice and Bookzy provides the perfect forum and student stimulus

Made to be easy

With or without a teacher provided template, the system assists you to structure well and to generate great looking results

Benefits & Features of Bookzy

A short description

Peer feedback

Improves the students learning process and assists the teacher in reviewing and grading

Knowledge bank

Build a student generated knowledge bank or library of published books

Better exam preparation

With ongoing Bookzy publications or a student generated knowledge bank

Cohesive course

Integrate Bookzy into the structure of the course to create a cohesive everyday flow

Assists the students

In visualisation and structuring of information

Create exciting assignments & projects

Without added time. No matter the scale or scope

Add multiple learning elements

Text, video, galleries, links, graphs, timelines, word clouds, questions, flashcards, mind maps & Inspirational subject video library

Effective learning structure

Create classes, assignments & projects, add pages and dusins of elements to each book. Apply templates to suggest a specific structure for the student to follow

Feedback in multiple ways

Give feedback both Teacher-lead and peer-to-peer. It can be voluntary, structured or mandatory

Try out Bookzy for FREE

The free version has everything you will need as an individual educator. For a wider and more structured approach with extended support choose premium or contact us for a tailored offer for your school.


Unlimited number students & 200mb file upload limit
All standard tools included
All feedback features included
Knowledge bank / library included
Email support


Unlimited no. of students & storage
Templates feature
Chat & phone support
Knowledge sharing
LMS integration
Word cloud & Mind map features


18.95£ per year

Institutional use

Reach out to discuss
tailored offer

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Try a new and engaging approach to peer teaching and student generated content