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Improved knowledge retention in Edaptio

What is it?

Spaced repetition is a learning technique, that is proven to be the best way to retain knowledge long-term. If you want the curriculum to stick in the minds of students, spaced repetition is the method you should be using.

How does it work?

In spaced repetition, the user is tested on a lesson or a piece of information at a set interval after they originally learned it. If they answer correctly, the interval until the next test will be longer. If they answer wrongly, it will be shorter. This way, content that is easily learned is less often reviewed.

Spaced Repetition is Built Into Edaptio

Edaptio includes an algorithm that automatically keeps track of a students learning. All the teacher needs to do is to define the tests for a lesson, and Edaptio will automatically prompt the student to repeat the lesson content at specific intervals.

The students will remember the content for longer, and be more proficient in the class. The teacher can also use the data generated from the spaced repetition algorithm to gain an overview of the toughest topics for the students and where they struggle the most. This will further improve the active reinforcement efforts done by the teachers before the exams.