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Create superior learning experiences

Save time and energy, and improve students’ learning experience by easily creating lasting, engaging educational content.

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Edaptio helps you where it really matters

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Create engagement

Edaptio makes it easy to create interactive and varied teaching.

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With Edaptio you can suit your teaching methods to the class, increase engagement and minimize risk of dropouts.

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Focus on the individual

Students always have access to the material and can manage their own pace.

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Edaptio gives you insight into the engagement of your students, and frees up your time to help those who need it most.

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Save time and effort

Edaptio makes it easy to create, copy and share all of your learning material.

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Seamless sharing and copying of courses, lessons and learning content will lighten the burden of preparing and creating learning material.

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How Edaptio works

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Create CLASSES AND Educational content

Choose from and combine a variety of learning activities, including text, video, quizzes, flashcards and interactive tools. Suit the activities to your class, and to your own style.

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Students have Access Anytime, Anywhere

Students can control their own pace and always rewatch content in their own time. They won't have to rely on paper notes to remember the content of each lesson.

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Gain Valuable insights

Track your students progress and engagement in real time. Focus your efforts where they matter the most, and solve problems proactively.

Better knowledge retention

Spaced repetition is the most effective way of retaining knowledge. Edaptio's proprietary algorithm makes sure that important lessons are automatically reviewed by students at the optimal intervals.

* based on voluntary survey of 1200 high school students in Denmark
** Based on a study of mathematics classes in the Danish high school segment with Edaptio clients

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What people are saying

Teacher - entrepreneurship & economics
Lisbeth Ljungkvist

"As an institution, we are pleased to have found a platform that has brought everything together into one program, which applies to both teacher and student. This has created a more transparent teaching for the individual student."

High School Math Teacher
Thomas Jensen

"I love how easy it is to get started, and how much better it makes my teaching."

High school principal
Søren fersløv

“Edaptio gives our students a simple overview and guides them elegantly through the planned courses. We see higher completion rates and grades after we started with Edaptio."

High School Teacher
Per gregersen

“Edaptio's assignment correction tool is incredible. It is many times better than the next best thing I've tried.”

High School Teacher
Jacob Heiring

“I have seen much higher engagement in the class after i started using Edaptio, and my students like it.”

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